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Dr. Sobeslav Fiker

Dr. Ernest Fiker, Csc.

Dr. Fiker dedicated his life to research and skin protection. He was one of the most qualified people in Europe in the evaluation of cosmetic products. The objective of his long-term work was to study the regeneration of damaged skin due to environmental effects.


1946 - 1952 Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague
1965 Candidate of Medical Sciences


Institute of Occupational Medicine
National Health Institute in Prague

Switzerland, Zürich Skin Clinic, prof. Burckhardt
France, prof. Thiers, Dr. Guillot
France, research laboratories of worldwide cosmetics companies L'Oréal, Dior, ROC, ElidaGibs.

Science and research:

The metabolism of benzene, intoxication by carbon monoxide (up to 1953).

“Impact of work environment on the skin of workers- prevention of occupational skin diseases”. Results: Proposed skin cleaning and reparation agents according to the working environment.

“Effect of textile materials on physiological parameters of the skin”.
Results: A methodology for the assessment of well-being in developing new textile materials. Applied for the selection of textile materials for protective suits, sportswear and clothing for infants.

“Dermatological properties of surfactants and detergents”.
Results:proposed uniform method of assessment for Central and Eastern Europe.

“The influence of environmental factors on the body through the skin "-surfactants, formaldehyde, textile materials, preservatives, hair dyes.

Based on the results, Dr. Fiker was entrusted with the development of criteria and evaluation methods of the course of common use within the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

Dr. Fiker charge of a group of representatives from Poland, Bulgaria and Czechoslovakia, that define the cosmetic products within the objects of common use and proposed principles and criteria. The proposal was implemented in Poland and Bulgaria in 1989, in Czech Republic in 1998. Other countries of Central and Eastern Europe participated as observers.

He worked in the commission of phytopharmaceuticals and homeopathic remedies, and in the commission on new medicines State Institute for Drug Control (SIDC).

Dr. Fiker created a group of experts for the evaluation and assessment of cosmetic products. Based on these experiences created a national reference laboratory for cosmetics.

He founded (along with Dr. Fuchs - Occupational Hygiene, National Health Institute in Prague) and led a group of experts preparing the grounds for the decision of the chief health officer in objects of common use.

Responsible for negotiations with representatives of COLIPA (European Federation of cosmetic industry) to create Czech legislation on cosmetic products (realization 1998).

Dr. Fiker has developed a unique combination of plant stem cells and human stem cell activator, TrioStem3 complex, that is included in the cosmetic range Fytofontana Stem Cells by a Swiss company Herb-Pharma AG.

Awards and membership in professional organizations:

DDiploma of the Scientific Council of the National Health (NIPH) for a significant share of scientific progress in preventive medicine and health improve.

A member of the dermatological department of Allergology and professional dermatoses Czechoslovakian Dermatological Society J.E. Purkyně.

Committee Member (until 2002 chairman) of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists, now the Czech Society of Cosmetology (from 1960 until his death).


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Czech Society of Cosmetology www.kosmetologie.cz
Skin Clinic Zürich www.dermatologie.usz.ch
Fytofontana Stem Cells www.f-stemcells.com